In Other Words​.​.​.

from by A.Ryder

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    In Other Words is the song of My thoughts, its an expression of my life as an artist.

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Trying to fix this stress in life
I just hope I do this right
Hunger for the lime light
eyes wide with no sight

Because the dream is only seen when eyes close
From lyric pages to stages for vegas night shows
Red carpet big smiles for the camera light shows
Its a great feeling when you decide when where the flight goes

On stages he's more so the scare crow
But once the he flows,
the fans know,
the fans grow,
the fairs grow
Yea And when they line outside your show
You get that feeling some will never know
So that's why we never slow
tryin to live forever young before I'm old

Because Im in a pursuit far from trivial
But little did we know
the odds were so low
couldn't do this solo
Man Do you even know..
how many rappers each year get vetoed?
That's something I just can't let happen to me yo

So here were all alone on this yellow brick road
No one really knows
where this road goes
I want it forever.. freestylin on some videos
Im making a movie these rappers are such an episode

some of yall is really funny like sitcoms
Hearing all your garbage its hard to sit calm
waking up these rappers.. You better be alarmed
I offend alot of people cause I'm not here to charm

So when I step on..
ain't another rapper I won't step on
Your just a steppin stone
My visions full of ambitions now i just need a thrown
I know what my fortune tells, no need to read my palm
I'll be holding a microphone until the day that I'm gone..
Me on stage with the rest of the Unknown

And for whatever reason,
they just not believing,
that one day simply unknown could be achieving,
I don't understand the reasons..
They change up like the seasons,
that's why we don't see them,
More so we don't need them
flowing on a track, I just say that I'm bleeding
Cause the music so appeasing
No concern for who's deceiving
Hating and making comments so blatant
like WTF is you even sayin?

So pardon, if say things alarming
I'm just starving for this thing called stardom,
Waitin for the green to fall before autumn,

Ever since I was child,
growing up wild,
i had a freestyle in my system,
But no one would listen
so i waited and got frustrated
by everyone who hated,
cuz they felt i couldnt make it,
and even if i made it,
they say i couldn't take it,
Man I dealt wit the stress
fightin to be the best
Passin through any test
Only fear is death
And I haven't reached it yet
So what do you expect?

So now that my account is back in the pluses
and more and more people start to love us
cause nobody can touch us..
nobody above us
so to my haters thank u for sayin fuck us

Simply Unknown i put on for my camp
so if i ever make it i'll know they'll have a chance
and angel khalil, i know you'll be a legend
but until they know your name, dont worry fam i'll tell them..

you know the game is a lot like the dmv's
cuz I had to wait so long in the street
just to get known somewhere in this industry
I’m in love with this thing, man it was meant to be

I feel No one knows the time I spent but me

Going through this stress almost lost my humanity
So basically, don’t be confused by my insanity
Money changed the man in the mirror, Now is It vanity?

As soon as you hear it..
You can feel my spirit
Its far from generic
No need to compare it
When everbody fear it
Nobody would dare it
Do Hear it.. This is greatness..
I hope you awake for this
I cant take this, fake shit

imma giving you something you probably never heard

So in others word...


from Hunger [EP], released December 21, 2012




A.Ryder Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Born in Philadelphia. A.Ryder's influences growing up included Hip Hop Pioneers like Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, and Kanye West. battling at the age of 12, motivated him to be more then just another rapper. High School is where (Simply-Unknown) the Weirdos met. if you never were thought of as "cool". a kid who was told they could never achieve. do what makes you happy and F*** anyone who doubts you ... more

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